TeleVet Info

New communication platform!

Does your pet have a medical problem but you don’t have time to get him or her seen?Remote telemedicine might be an option.

With the TeleVet mobile app you can easily send virtual consultation requests to us whenever:

  • Your pet is sick
  • Need a medication refilled
  • Want to chat with Dr Brown and/or her staff concerning your pet.
  • Need to send photos or videos of your pet
  • Need a telemed consult due to the current COVID 19 conditions.

We can’t diagnose all problems this way but a few examples of medical conditions we can solve remotely are skin problems, many skin lumps, coughing and sneezing problems, diarrhea and more.


To get started, download the free app for your mobile device. TeleVet: Virtual Vet Visit


Set up an account and search for Fetch a Vet, Pllc. The app will ask for a credit card. You will only be charged if Dr Brown tells you in advance that there will be a charge. Once you submit your consultation request, we will respond within 4 hours for consults sent before 5:00 pm. Consultations requested after 5:00 pm will be responded to by noon the next day. The cost of a telemedicine consult is $65 but this can be reduced based on the nature of the consult.

Prior to your appointment, please go to:

to set up your profile.