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PaP logo.jpgPaws at Peace ​(End of life care provided by Fetch a Vet – Dr Monica Brown)


Link for Quality of Life Assessment / Euthanasia consent:


We appreciate that you have chosen Paws at Peace / Fetch a Vet for your pet’s end of life care.

We understand how difficult a time this is and that this decision is not an easy one.

Our goal is to help your pet have a peaceful passing in the comfort of your home with loving family members around them.


Sedation is given to minimize pain and stress prior to euthanasia.


Ashes are returned in your choice of a Cedar Memorial Urn, Serenity Urn, Remembrance Urn, Hand-carved Rosewood Urn, or Decorative Metal Urn (urn is size appropriate for your pet). Urn Selection Feb 2020

Additional urn selections are available (at an addl cost) at:


Options include:

$150  I would like to start with a Quality of Life Assessment. (Should we decided to euthanize, the total fee will be as listed below.)

$285 Euthanasia only.  I will take care of my pet’s remains
$385 Euthanasia with Communal Cremation – cremation with other pets, no ashes will be returned
$485 Euthanasia with Individual Cremation – partitioned cremation with ashes returned to me. (Ashes are not co-mingled)
$585 Euthanasia with Private Cremation – cremation of pet by itself with ashes returned to me.
$685 Euthanasia with Private Same Day Cremation – same as above but same day. Arrangements must be made prior to day of appointment.

One complementary clay paw print impression is included. Additional impressions are available for $10.00 each.

*An additional fee of $100 will apply for pets over 100 lbs, $50 for weekend appointments (when available), and $30 for travel more than 30 miles (107 Ave and Deer Valley as starting point).


Dr Brown will arrive within a 30 minute window of your scheduled appointment time.


Blessings of Peace, 

Monica Brown